What can Kinesiology do for me?

Kinesiology can help bring wisdom and insight to any personal issues and goals in a safe and integrated way. E.g. If you suffer from headaches, the body can be balanced around hormonal, physical/biochemical or emotional aspects causing the headaches.

Can Kinesiology fix my relationship and health?

Kinesiology takes the approach of exploring the stresses around the relationship or health issue and through muscle testing find the priorities to address in order to find clarity, healthy solutions and resources to balance the person in areas of their life that are out of balance. e.g. Perhaps the relationship challenges you have are because at 3 years old your mother and father divorced and you have a fear of abandonment and so either attract a partner who abandons you emotionally, mentally and physically or you stay in a relationship longer than is healthy for you. Therefore, as part of our professional scope, we do not “fix” or diagnose. Rather we facilitate through muscle testing, the insights and energetic shifts required to relieve stressors and imbalances in all aspects of ones life, which organically creates safe and integrated changes and shifts.

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