Nourishing the Spirit

In this busy world, it is so important to find ways to nourish ourselves and renew our energy and take time for ourselves.  One of the ways I do this is to go camping and go on long walks in the wilderness. I find this restorative, challenging on a physical level and I can take time to wonder in the beauty of nature and just be. We give out so much in our daily lives, it is important to come back to ourselves in some way.

beautiful waterfall

Gilbraltar Ranges National Park NSW Australia



Kinesiology – How Did it Work for me and Why I Became a Kinesiologist

Kinesiology – How Did It Work for Me and Why I Became a Kinesiologist.

Just a little about myself. I was born under the shadow of the beautiful Mt Taranaki on the wild, wet and windy west coast of the North Island of New Zealand.  The rich volcanic soil produced the creamy flavoursome dairy products that New Zealand is famous for.  I did all my schooling in New Zealand and then after completing a BA in English Lit at Waikato University in Hamilton, I decided to travel overseas for a year.  I have always been on a spiritual quest from early childhood and this search led me to India. I found some of the answers to the questions I had about the meaning of life in the great literature at university or exploring many different religions and belief systems.  However, when I spent time in Poona, India, I experienced meditation and the profound insights into humanity given by Osho, an enlightened Buddha.  He talked about all aspects of the human condition and gave many techniques and direction for what is needed for the human race to survive and thrive on this planet.

After my travels, I settled in New Zealand, living in an Osho spiritual community for 3 years before moving to Sydney, Australia where I lived for !0 years with my new Ozzie partner.  We moved to Northern New South Wales in 1994 and whilst the relationship ended after another 9 years, I have settled here and met my soul mate and established my practice here. What attracted me to the area was the thriving arts and spiritual community and the  commitment to living sustainably. Moreover, the geography with its verdant volcanic caldera, is very much like New Zealand.  For the last twenty years I have been studying and practising natural therapies. I started with a diploma in Remedial Massage, then studied Australian Bush Flowers and lastly Kinesiology, also to Diploma level.

My first stop in my journey as a holistic practitioner was training as a remedial massage therapist while still in Sydney.  I found that I could help people relax and de-stress on a physical level but underlying health, and emotional and spiritual issues, needed something more.   I am also been an advocate of the idea of body wisdom and it is my experience and understanding, that each of us has this internal mechanism with an innate drive for healing or balance.

This idea of body wisdom and that we can be masters of our own health led me to explore the vibrational flower remedies developed by Australian Ian White called the Australian Bush Flower Remedies.  I like the concept that anyone can learn to use these essences for themselves and their families and that they are very safe for kids and adults alike. They also work very well for physical and emotional issues.

As well as wanting to help others, I also needed to address my own health issues on both an emotional and physical level.  I wanted to gain better health and hopefully not end up dependent on medication in my later life.  I wanted to age with vitality and good health.  The reality was that in my personal life, I was an unhealthy weight, in an unhappy relationship and developing some minor health issues.  I also worked part time in aged care and was prone to back pain.  I had constant challenges with my hormonal system, suffered a general lack of energy and was tired and depressed a lot of the time.  What I knew around natural therapies and flower essences helped but I wanted to really make a long lasting change to my health.

I went to see a kinesiology’s to get help.  She used muscle testing to gain information from the body in order to find which were the priority issues needing attention, as if she was tailor making a session unique to each individual.  This was quite different from what I had experienced with other modalities, where there is often a one size fits all treatment protocol or where it is just one aspect of my health that is attended to.  Rather than just concentrate on the physical symptoms e.g. the bad back. While the pain manifests itself through the painful muscles and joints, it could also have an emotional component e.g. the unresolved or expressed grief from recent death of a loved one and as well could be due to poor bowel health (constipation) and too much sugar in the diet! And of course that is all interrelated. We might have taken to chocolate for comfort and not be eating well or exercising because we are grieving and then we get constipated.  Stress caused by negative emotions and mental states impacts hugely on the health of the body.  Kinesiology’s primary work is to remove layers and layers of stress from the body so the body’s own innate ability to heal is happening easily.

So,   I was amazed and delighted to see the results and felt that I had indeed found a way to ask my own body for the answers.  And this ability to be specific for each individual, rather than a one size fits all approach was what really sold me on kinesiology.

It was natural for me to want to study this amazing modality.  So I enrolled at the Byron Kinesiology College, studied and eventually taught kinesiology there.

So, how does muscle testing work?  Muscle testing uses the same response that makes us get someone to sit down before we give them bad news.  It is highly likely that a person could collapse. Shock makes the body withdraw energy from the extremities to protect the vital organs.  On a much lesser scale we can see what stresses the body through using the action of one muscle to talk to all of the body because that one muscle is connected to the whole of the body through its incredible neurology or neural pathways.  We can also see what strengthens or weakens that muscle.  For example, we can feel how broccoli strengthens our muscle and sugar weakens it.  This is a great way to show kids why it’s not a good idea to eat fizzy drinks and lollies and processed foods.  The kids can feel how strong they are when they have carrots or broccoli on the body.  It’s not just mum saying it’s good for you. The other way we can get information from the body is by having an agreement that a Yes will “lock” the muscle and that a “No’ will unlock it.  So we can find out what stresses and strengthens the body and ask Yes/No questions, within reason.  It requires art, skill and training for the kinesiologist to be able to muscle test proficiently and to ask the appropriate questions.

To give you a taste of how kinesiology works – My personal journey was to heal, strengthen and cleanse the digestive system with herbs and supplements which then enables the absorption of all the nutrients required to build healthy hormones, neurotransmitters, muscle, blood and cells. The function of the intestinal system is to break down our food into vital nutrients or building blocks required for repair, growth and maintenance of the body and also to then absorb these completely digested nutrients into the blood stream through the gut wall.  However, if the stomach does not break down the food sufficiently and neither does the small intestine then we can get inflammation happening in the gut which then prevents the nutrients passing through the gut wall.  Adequate levels of digestive acids and enzymes are vital for digestive good health but this decreases with ageing and stress.  This partially digested food can create an inflammatory immune response in the gut.  What also occurs in the gut is an overwhelm of naturally occurring bacteria and often parasites (from pets, touch, unclean surfaces etc)  which feed off this undigested food and also lodge in the gut wall, causing further inflammation.  If we eat a lot of sugar or processed foods this feeds the parasites and the natural gut bacteria has a population explosion, causing more inflammation and the consequence of their metabolic processes creates all sorts of repercussions and symptoms. Headaches, fogginess, bloating, lack of focus, low energy or mood swings to name a few.

If there is inflammation in the gut this will affect our emotional moods and our mental states and we may experience inflammation elsewhere in the body e.g. old injuries in the joints.  If the building blocks of nutrients are not supplied because the gut is not able to do its job then we also start to have problems with the hormonal system, energy levels, elimination, weight, cardiovascular system, mental state, skin, sleep and in fact, gut health impacts on every organ and part of the body.

I had tried many diets over the years and health regimes and had decided never to diet again after getting sick from the no fat diet.  (We need fat for our hormonal system for a start). I started a series of cleanses for the liver, bowel and for candida and parasite overwhelm, or detoxification of the gut. I took herbs and supplements to help strengthen and tone the digestive system.  Alongside this process, each session would delve into my emotional/spiritual life to heal unhealed life stories and grief from my past.  Muscle testing can access memories from the past that can still impact on us today.  As physical detoxification was happening, hand in hand there was an emotional detoxification happening.  This is what I love about kinesiology, it takes the whole person and looks at both physical and emotional health.  It is now becoming general knowledge that emotions and our beliefs, both positive and negative, impact on physical health at a cellular level and vice versa our physical health impacts on the emotional.

Importantly, I also connected more deeply with my spiritual practice and life which to me is what is needed to nourish us at the deepest level. Muscle testing works in co-operation with the brain to access information from the body to clear stresses and subsequent blockages of energy held in memory in the body and its cells.   Kinesiology has a very safe, gentle and effective protocol to clear the stress around trauma, pain and loss.   We can carry a lot of “baggage” which blocks free flow of energy in the body.

I also learnt a lot of self care techniques to maintain my energy levels, what and what not to eat and many more ways to help face the challenges of daily life.

My energy levels are now consistently high, I have great self care tools and my health is better than it ever was.  My self confidence has grown and my life has been truly transformed. It is now my joy to help others transform their lives.

Kinesiology can work at what every level you like, from a simple tune up to a health overall over a number of sessions.  The protocol I work with can cover many areas of life and I have listed some but not all of the areas you might use kinesiology for:-

Kinesiology is effective for and can balance the body around

Back and Neck Pain

Muscle Stress and Injury

Digestive Troubles/Food Intolerances and Sensitivities/ Weight Management

Hormonal Imbalance



Healing unhealed Life Stories

Learning Difficulties

Clearing Sabotage Programmes – clearing the negative messages that can run our lives without us realising

Financial/ Business challenges

Relationships and Communication

Energy and Vitality

Sports Excellence

Stress Management

Health Issues.